GM Global Connect

GM Global Connect

GM GlobalConnect is Holden's web-based Dealer portal and provides access to Holden Dealer Systems and Communications.

Please refer to the following GM Global Connect user matrix to check which systems are relevant to you. Once you know which systems you require access to it is your responsibility to request access.  

GM Global Connect Matrix

Holden Dealer Systems across all process areas (Sales, Service Parts, and Finance & Administration etc) are accessed via GM GlobalConnect.

The following table lists the majority of system applications that can be accessed via GlobalConnect along with the department each system is relevant to and the purpose of each system for your benefit.  





Holden Bulletins / Messages

Holden HQ uses Messenger to ensure Dealers are kept up to date with valuable information relevant to all aspects of their business. These bulletins are role specific & generally communicated on a Wednesday.  Messenger can also generate email alerts to advise you when a bulletin that requires your attention has been published.  It is your responsibility to ensure you read each bulletin & contact Holden HQ if anything is unclear.


Sales Order Management (SOM)


The Sales Order Management (SOM) application is
used for all Vehicle Order management activities across Holden's entire vehicle
range.  Within SOM you can create, edit
and manage your vehicle orders. 
Similarly, SOM can be used to locate, reallocate and retail vehicles to
ensure you have the right vehicles at the right time.


Global Warranty Management (GWM)


Global Warranty Management (GWM) is the application
used to process & submit warranty claims and get up to date & vehicle
specific information on vehicle warranty and campaigns.


Holden Parts Portal,

Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)


Holden supports Aftersales and Service in a number
of ways including a having an enormous range of parts to support our vehicle
range.  Applications, such as Electronic
Parts Catalogue (EPC) and Holden Parts Portal, can be used to
research or identify specific parts, available from Holden Service Parts
Operations (HSPO) to ensure Holden vehicles receive the Aftersales Service that
they require.


Service Information (SI)



Service Information (SI) & TIS2Web are applications used by Service Staff within Dealerships to obtain the complex and specific service and diagnostic information across Holden's entire range of vehicles.



Finance / Administration

Holden publishes financial documents such as Dealer invoices to this electronic repository.  This allows Holden Dealers to view and download these documents at their convenience.



Holden DealerSystems | Dealer Assistance

Holden has a dedicated team to assist Dealers with Holden Systems.  Dealers needing assistance with GM GlobalConnect or any Holden Dealer System should contact the Dealer Assistance Centre (DAC).

Telephone | 1800 176 142

Email | 


Holden DealerSystems | Access

Requests for access to Holden Dealer Systems are processed by the Holden Dealer Assistance Centre (DAC).  Access requests are handled by the "GM Holden Systems Access Request Form".  Please contact the DAC to obtain the most current version of the Access Request Form. 

Telephone | 1800 176 142

Email |